About us

DGMA – Start-up in the field of high technologies and VR, was formed in May 2019, but attracted the attention of major leaders in the FinTech field to its pilot projects and entered into a number of contracts and agreements for the development and distribution of gaming and educational applications.

Our team of talented professionals with years of experience in wide spectrum of multimedia and entertaintment products production lead in the field of game technology, software and VR solutions. The company includes high-end programmers, character and environment artists, concept artists and 3d modellers, level-artists, technical artists, lighting artists and other professionals.

We’re working with:

Company strives to be the best in what it does, using the most high-tech tools, with which it creates projects of the highest quality under the most popular gaming platforms at the moment – Windows, XBOX, PS4, Oculus, HTC Vive.

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