VR games help you burn calories

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11/11/2021 Virtual reality is good not only for scientific and industrial spheres. It’s also great fun – yes, of course, we are talking about games and video content. Good helmets and other accessories are able to provide almost complete immersion in VR, where a person is left to himself and does not see what is around him at all. Some VR device users even manage to lose weight if they play frequently. Scientists, noticing this phenomenon, decided to find out why this is exactly what happens. Now one of the institutes in San Francisco is studying the activity of a person who plays a game in virtual reality. The project team is trying to figure out how many calories a player can burn per minute of play. Researchers tried to estimate the level of human energy consumption for existing games. For example, having launched Superhot VR, a gamer was spending 2-4 kilocalories per minute. This is comparable to a normal walk. Audioshield required 10 kilocalories per minute from a person. In terms of energy consumption, the game was equated to rowing. At the moment, the game Thrill of the Fight is one of the most energy-consuming for users. Taking part in a virtual match, the player spends about 15 kilocalories per minute. And this is really a lot. For comparison, you can stand on a treadmill and see how many calories will be spent on the most difficult mode.