Spiritual Calling VR

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A well-known detective-psychic receives a girl’s diary who studied at a boarding school. She died in strange circumstances, and school was closed in a hurry after that. The place quickly became notorious. Ominous sounds are often heard from there and carcasses of animals found in the vicinity. People talk about spirits and poltergeists and bypass the building.

A thick envelope attached to the diary had a letter from an old lady in it. She asked the detective to save the granddaughter’s soul, possessed by a demon. The detective would have treated this letter as the delirium of a crazy older person, but the diary evidenced that the girl and her friends performed a mystical ritual. Intrigued by this story, he decides to investigate the mysterious events of the past.

In search of truth, you, as a practising medium, have to explore the school to demystify what happed there. Use your mystical sight and enchanted artefacts to look into the other world for answers.

Strange twists and turns will leave you uncertain

Explore the depths of madness within the abandoned school

Put pieces of puzzles together to solve the main riddle

Explore the environment to uncover the details of the tragic past

Uncover hiding details with your spiritual powers

Make the story and secrets unfold

Hallucinating and delirious visions will blow your mind

Despite the paranormal basis of surroundings, your and your decisions are real

Everything you do affects the further story and leads to different endings