Galactic Rangers VR update to version 1.2.1

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03/02/2021 Space conquerors! We are glad to present you a new version of our game! We have added and updated a lot of things there:
  • Fixed numerous critical and minor bugs
  • Significantly improved multiplayer functionality
  • Added smooth transitions when loading the main menu and restarting a level
  • Added various notifications about the state of the character and the current game
  • Fixed game freezing issues when Oculus paused
  • Added logic to disconnect from co-op
  • Added spectator mode in co-op game
  • Added local multiplayer
  • Significantly optimized data transmission over the network
  • Improved animations and inverse kinematics of characters
  • Improved graphics quality settings
  • The game is significantly optimized to achieve a stable FPS
  • Added calibration of character sizes in relation to the player
  • Optimized model materials and effects
  • Improved visual effects
  • Fixed bugs in models
  • Optimized lighting
  • Optimized particle systems
  • Re-balance of game levels
  • Adding new content
  • Reworked character rig system
  • Improved boss ship model
  • We hope you enjoy the updated adventure!